King of Morocco to build first African hub of higher education


Higher education has gone from strength to strength in Morocco in the last 5 years, notably due to the opening of campuses of foreign schools and universities, as well as the county’s own private universities. The competition is getting fierce; no less than a dozen projects are under consideration to host foreign Universities and Schools (Russian, Italian, French, American, Spanish) to open campuses in Morocco. These projects have been announced by Mr. Daoudi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Education. His Serene Majesty King Mohammed VI has also given his personal support to the projects. Morocco aims to adopt the means to train its youth on their own soil, where they will be able to participate in the innovation and development of the country. Africa has an extremely large pool of young people to train. The aim of this project is simply the economic development and positioning of Morocco as an educational hub in Africa and eventually the world. For the moment the scope is their own young population, but the objective for the future is to attract ambitious and adventurous foreign students from Europe and beyond.

Latest project ‘The Green City’ near Benguerir (between Marrakech and Casablanca), has just been unveiled by His Serene Majesty King Mohamed VI. It will provide an ecological space and a way of life which promotes diversity and the social and cultural development of the people. The central base of the city will be the University of Mohamed VI Polytechnic. An international project, it will host renowned Moroccan and foreign professors, as well as researchers. The University is thought of as the lung and the engine of development in the city. It will be a center of education, research and development, technology transfer, incubation of innovative projects all while being in close proximity to businesses. It will provide students with a better understanding of a globalized world and facilitate their access to foreign cultures. The theory on offer at the university will be supplemented by internships.


Over the past decade, many educational hubs have developed, especially within the emerging countries of Asia and the Middle East (Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and China). They have quickly gained recognition and a reputation, attracting more and more foreign students, including from Europe, who see it as a way to open up to other cultures and escape a Europe in crisis. More recently and closer to our borders, we are witnessing many projects and major investments such as the University of Luxembourg or Morocco. French universities and  schools need more than ever need to accelerate and expand their international reputation and their image beyond the borders not to remain on the sidelines of these important developments taking place on their doorstep.

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