Masters in Management: A popular alternative to the traditional MBA

wegweiser richtung entwicklung hochschulabsolvent On 16 September, the Financial Times published their 2013 ranking of Masters in Management (MiM). This year was the 9th edition of the ranking and like most years this year also European Business Schools dominated the list.  HEC Montréal is the only North American school that appears in the ranking.

In effect, Europe has been the pioneer when it comes to the Masters in Management programs which offer graduates the chance to get a postgraduate management degree without substantial work experience, a must for the traditional MBA.  These general management programs are complemented by Specialized Master’s programs in Management which give students the possibility to study a particular domain (like Finance, Accounting or Marketing) in order to tailor their career path. These programs provide students with the in-depth subject based theoretical framework that is often missing in an MBA program which provides a more global approach to business.

France, with its elite Grandes Ecoles and their prestigious Specialized Masters programs have always dominated the rankings. This year however some of them have seen a slight dip which has given rise to a controversy questioning the ranking methodology.

In the United States, the Masters in Management is in its starting phase with the MBA still remaining the program of choice for many. However, more and more US Business Schools are introducing alternative Masters programs in business and management for students seeking to develop a specific skill set and a strong theoretical base in their domain, with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and the Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business all launching Masters in Management programs this year.

One of the European Business Schools which has been able to successfully export the concept of Master’s programs across the Atlantic is the SKEMA Business School of France. SKEMA has a campus in Raleigh, North Carolina and offers, for example, a Master of Science (MSc) in Global Luxury Management, in partnership with NC State’s College of Textiles.

Click here for the FT rankings.



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