Noir sur Blanc and Eduniversal create the Eduniversal Group


Eduniversal, founded in 1994 and specializing in consulting services for universities, and Noir sur Blanc, a global communications agency specialized in higher education and research founded in 1990, will together, with their 70 employees, form the Eduniversal Group.

Universities throughout the world, aware that visibility and credibility among an increasingly large audience is of utmost importance, have specific needs that the Eduniversal Group will now be able to provide through new solutions in marketing, communications and human resources.

For Eduniversal and Noir sur Blanc, both of which are internationally oriented, this consolidation is a natural and necessary evolution in the development of their short, medium and long term objectives.

Eduniversal’s recent acquisitions in the HR sector, which is a continuation of its development of high potentials throughout their education and careers, will also allow the newly formed Eduniversal Group to implement new synergies. For this reason, the two teams will work together in new premises located in Paris.

The Eduniversal Group is now divided into four areas of expertise:

  • Two historical divisions of the Eduniversal parent company: Education Rating, under the direction of Cécile Escape and Publishing & Marketing, under the direction of Veronique Lansot-Lousteau.
  • Communications division, under the direction of Brigitte Fournier, CEO of Noir sur Blanc and new member of the Eduniversal Group’s Board of Directors;
  • Recruitment division, under the joint leadership of Eric Bourraindeloup, CEO of Objectif Emploi and Bénédicte Mansour, CEO of HeadhunterSourcing.

Noir sur Blanc, Objectif Emploi and HeadhunterSourcing will operate as subsidiaries within the Eduniversal Group. In practice, they will remain unchanged in what has made ​​their reputations; their working methods and the way they operate mean they are fully autonomous and independent entities managed by their founders who are entrepreneurs and believe in the developmental model of entrepreneurship.

The Eduniversal Group benefits from the OSEO Label for Innovation. The company has a capital of €500,506 and equity of €7 million. Listed on the NYSE Alternext, the group has a consolidated turnover of €9 million. The Eduniversal Group is directed by Martial Guiette, Chairman of the Board of Directors.



Noir sur Blanc is an international communications agency specializing in higher education. Based in Paris and serving the higher ed community for over 20 years, with offices all over the world, the New York office opened in Spring 2010. Noir Sur Blanc USA is the official blog from the Noir sur Blanc New York office. Follow-us to stay informed on hot topics and trends in higher education.
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